Press: “Light Atonement”  On TheMindfulWord.Org

Press: “Light Atonement” On TheMindfulWord.Org

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There are many paths to enlightenment. Be sure to take one with a heart. – Lao Tzu

In July of 2011, I found a healer who gave guided spiritual tours of Mount Shasta. I decided to take my son with me and make it a mother/son trip. He was then 13 years old, and I thought he was ready for such a spiritual journey. I’d read that the entire area of Mount Shasta was a vortex that included a fifth-dimensional city named Telos, which was underneath the mountain itself. It has been said that, when Lemuria was submerged and destroyed, its inhabitants moved a few of its important temples and people beneath Mount Shasta. Many people believed this myth to be true, and I was ready to find out for myself. I always asked Kyle [psychic] what I should expect from my trips. At this point in my life, every trip had meaning beyond the ordinary—there was also something to learn or an ability to gain. On this trip to Mount Shasta, Kyle looked into my future and told me that I was going to meet beings whom I would channel in the future. More excited than surprised, I anticipated that the trip might provide me with a breakthrough.

Here on Earth, we live in a third-dimensional existence. At the fifth-dimensional level, there is no physical embodiment. The island of Lemuria was said to be the sister island of Atlantis, and my reading and experiences taught me that beings from star planets such as Pleiades and Sirius came to Earth and used these islands to help humans. Lemuria was thought to have existed somewhere in the South Pacific, around New Zealand, and Atlantis was thought to be found somewhere in the Mediterranean Sea.

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