Ariyana – Live Radio Interview On “Thought Evolution” With Lori Lynn Smith



Interview Hot TopicsAriyana, a Star Child

  • What does LIGHT ATONEMENT mean?
  • How have your grandmothers inspired you?
  • At any time when you were growing up did you think or have a feeling about becoming a channeler and healer?
  • Surrounding yourself with different modalities and enlightened people can you describe a little how you felt while you were on the journey?
  • How important was mediation for your journey and do you recommend it for others for their journey?
  • Trip to Mount Shasta the beginning of channeling
  • Do you feel that it is a learned skill that any one can learn?
  • Does everyone have a Star Family?
  • Where does your Light Language come from?
  • How is it different from others who speak in their own Light Language?
  • When you speak in light language, your psychic friend Kyle translates.