Mars or Bust: Star Family Answers Questions about Space Travel

Mars or Bust: Star Family Answers Questions about Space Travel

Humans have always been fascinated by stars and planets.  In ancient times, we look to stars for directions when we were lost, and we told stories about stars for generations.  Throughout time, stars represented messages of “hope.”  When the technology advanced, many humans dreamt of traveling to other places like the Moon and Mars.

I happen to channel beings from the seventh dimensions (Prishnah, Kyrah, and Novysha— I call them my Star Family) and a time traveler Lannesh. They are here to share their knowledge, wisdom and technology for the betterment of humanity and the Earth.

In the wake of plans about humans traveling to Mars, I felt compelled to ask my Star Family and Lannesh their opinions about this issue from their point of views.  Here are their answers to three questions about the expedition to Mars most humans want to know.

1)    Can humans travel to Mars?

No, you cannot with the technology humans currently have.  There are many obstacles humans need to overcome, but here are the four major hurdles.  First is how to suspend human body and transport such distance and time.  You will need to figure out the way to put humans in an alternate state so they can travel through the length of time and pressure while traveling to other planets.  Second is the right material for the vessel that needs to be created so it can withstand wear and tear of space travel.  You have not invented this material yet on earth.  Third is the new fuel for space travel.  You don’t have the correct fuels needed for space travel.  The fourth is the ability to travel fast enough to be able to reach outer planets within a reasonable time.  You have not figured out how to travel faster than the speed of light and some beings in the Universe can travel as fast as four times faster than the speed of light.

2)    Should humans go to Mars?

Of course, not!  Mars should be one of the last planets in the Universe out of many that humans should even consider going.  Because of its environments such as radiation and lack of water, it is impossible to sustain human or animal lives there.  Moreover, magnetic frequency bounces off of planet itself reflected back from a moon of Jupiter creates sound booms, which will destroy human or animals or any space station humans build.  We are aware that humans are building the vessel to go to Mars in a few decades.  When I see your future, your vessel will explode and would never leave earth killing 200 to 300 humans on board.  You need to wake up from the illusion that you are going to Mars.

3)    What does the future hold for us?

You will have the technology in the future to be able to travel to other planets.  You are not far off from creating an alternate state for humans so you can travel.  New material for the vessel will be developed using three substances you already have on earth so it can be pliable while traveling in space.  The new fuel will be contrived in the near future from the products that are being tested on earth now, but it will require a few minor tweaks. I will give you a hint on traveling faster than the light of speed and time travel.


There are many planets humans can live outside of our galaxy.  In the future, humans can access to and should visit a few among them when you perfect the technology for the obstacles I mentioned.  Once you have the technology, your next step is to learn and master how to go through wormholes and black holes.  Going through those holes are not difficult but coming back from them are.  This way, the distance becomes less issue, and you could visit the planets that are suitable for humans.