Journey 6: Surrender to Unconditional Love

Journey 6: Surrender to Unconditional Love

My Star Family says that there are two keys to contentment. One is forgiveness, and the other is unconditional love. I talked about forgiveness last week on Journey 5, so I am going to write about unconditional love. When you hear the word, “unconditional love,” you may think it is something out there that you don’t know or something which doesn’t exist. I understand that. For a longest time, I felt that I was not worthy, and I needed to earn the love. When I realized one day that belief was false, my entire life changed.

Thirteenth-century poet Rumi said, “Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.” When we were born as babies, we knew nothing but unconditional love. Because where we come from, there is nothing but oneness and love and that is our true nature. But as you experience life on this earth, our hearts started to shut down when we experience pain. At early age, we realize that love we are seeking from others don’t come freely or unlimited. So we learn that love is conditional, and that is something we need to work hard to gain. Many of us blamed ourselves for being not good enough. Many of us also blamed others for not being able to give us what we wanted. But we have forgotten that we are made of love, and all we have to do is remembering to go back to our true essence.

Unconditional love is pure form of love which knows no boundary, expects no return and flows like water. You may have the glimpse of this experience. If you are parents, did you remember the very first time that you held your baby? Your love was overflowing from your body to this little one, and you felt you were going to love this baby more than your life. Or do you remember when you fell in love for the first time? You couldn’t stop smiling and thinking about the person you are in love. Your heart was so open that it hurt. We all remember those heart openings. It is hard to imagine, but your heart can be open like that all the time because that is our true nature.

Let me introduce you to a simple meditation. On this meditation, I will ask you to imagine yourself inside the white bubble of light. To me, white light is our essence and means the same as unconditional love, our pure state. So while I say white bubble, you can imagine yourself being covered by pure love or unconditional love. You can listen to this guided meditation by my voice in my website under Healing Lounge. If you are new to meditation, be kind to yourself. Just follow my voice and relax. You may not feel anything—it is ok. Do not seek for certain results but instead let go of any expectations and just be. You can continue to do this meditation every day until you can just close your eyes and be able to feel yourself connected to unconditional love.

Guided Meditation 1

(You might want to set the alarm for five minutes or any length of time you wish to meditate.)

Close your eyes. Take a deep breath in and out. Take another deep breath in and out. Throughout the meditation, remember to breathe in and out consciously. Your breath is the key to staying in the present moment. Imagine yourself inside a white bubble that covers your entire body. You are breathing white light in and out of your nose. Inside this white bubble, you are protected from the outside world. It is a safe and comfortable space for you. Breathe the air in and out. Listen to your breath coming in and going out. Find the rhythm of your breath, and stay with it. When you are ready, open your eyes and come back to your body.