Journey 3: Finding a Safe Place to Recharge Your Spirit

Journey 3: Finding a Safe Place to Recharge Your Spirit

A wise person said, “we are spiritual beings, having a human experience.” I agree. We are here as a human on this earth because our soul (or god or oneness, whatever you want to call it) wanted to have experiences. At the soul level, we are one and nothing but love. In order to have experiences, soul needed to have individuality. That’s how we are created.

In order to be born as a human beings, we have to agree to forget about where we come from and who we are. That is the rule. So it is only natural that we believe what we learned from our parents, teachers and society. We need to go to school, work, have a family and be a responsible citizen. Yes, they all have good intentions. But we are missing the whole point. We are here to experience things—good, bad, amazing, horrible, fun, and boring. Many of us only welcome life when it brings joyful and pleasant events and call them “blessings.” Then when we face difficult and miserable events we call them “curses” and we try our best to avoid them. But we agreed to come here to experience everything!

We forget to experience this life fully because we are too busy, and we are on auto-pilot. From the morning till the night, many of us do same things every day for years. It is time for us to stop. It is time for us to look, listen and feel. It is time for us to remember. We have forgotten who we are for so long; it will take a long time to remember and realize who we are.

First step to remembering who we are, is to stop and recharge your spirit every day. May this be taking a deep breath in and out and feeling the connection to the earth and the Source. May this be singing the song you love loudly in the shower. May this be holding your baby and feeling the love beyond yourself. May this be standing in the park and feeling that you are part of something bigger than yourself. Do this often and every day so you are going to remember where you come from, and you are not separate.