Journey 20: Leaving a Place Called Home

Journey 20: Leaving a Place Called Home

“When it’s time for you to venture out, don’t let fear have you looking back at what you’re leaving behind.” — Author Unknown

When I was 18 years old, I left my family for the first time. I not only left my home I grew up in but also left the town and country I was familiar with. I left Tokyo to attend a university in Los Angeles. I was young and full of hopes and dreams. For last 26 years, I have made many of my dreams come true including starting a family, building my own business and finding who I am. I didn’t always have easy times— I went through many difficulties such as divorce, letting go of my identity as a business owner, and dealing with teenage children. But all that I went through made me who I am today.

Now that my children are older, it is time for me to take care of my needs. Somewhere inside me, I knew that my time in Los Angeles was over a few months ago. What I didn’t know was where to go. When a few incidents showed me a way to go to New York, I didn’t hesitate and took the opportunity.

I have been to New York many times over last 20 years, but I have never imagined that I would live here or had an interest to. But somewhere inside of me knew that it is the right move, and I didn’t doubt myself. What is the worst case scenario? I just need to move back to Los Angeles. I would much rather take the opportunity that is in front of me even if it doesn’t work out than not taking it and regret or wonder how it would have been had I taken that chance. I believe there is no “mistake” in life because everything is an experience!

So one weekend, I packed all of my stuff and said goodbye to my friends and left the place I have lived for over two decades. So far, I love my new life. I have met so many new friends, seen and experienced new things that wouldn’t have happened had I stayed in LA. When you are on a right path, more doors open for you like this was meant to be. One New Yorker friend told me today that “you seem to be enjoying NY life” so I told him that “I am like I was born here”. I am embracing my life because we only have “now”.