Journey 18: Hope

Journey 18: Hope

“Three grand essentials to happiness in this life are something to do, something to love, and something to hope for.” — Joseph Addison

We live in the world where you hear discouraging news all day long such as war, terrorism, disease and financial crisis. Some of us also live through struggles daily to make a living, keep our family or relationship together, and face physical or emotional difficulties. It is not easy to hold on to “hope” or something good for the future. Here is a true story of a friend:

It was a Christmas day in Minnesota. May had no money and her apartment had no heat. One of the walls had fallen, so the room was terribly cold. Her children were cold and wondered why Santa would not come to their house, but hoped to see him that night. She drove her car with two children to go to the free food pantry only to find out that all the food had been given away. On the way home, her car ran out of gas and they had to walk home in the snow. At night, May was wondering how she could go on like this. Then her angel showed up and told her, “This is the worst Christmas ever for you and it will never repeat. I promise.” Next Christmas, she had a five million dollar check after selling her book.

Hope is something we don’t think about when we are happy and something we don’t think is possible when we are not happy. However, there is always hope no matter how difficult life looks. I agree with the quote by Joseph Addison, we all need something to do (life purpose), something to love and something to hope for. For me, hope is the positive outcome in the future we want to accomplish. To bring in what you want in life, we need to put the

intentions for what we want with no limits on how they come. Our hopes, dreams and intentions help us move through our difficulty and open the paths we are seeking.

I do what I do (my work) because I believe this is my life purpose (to bring messages from other dimensions to make humans and the earth better). I want to do this for people I love (for humans in general and my children and my family). I do believe that there is hope and that we can change for the better. Do I feel discouraged? Yes, all the time. We, humans, created our mess on this earth because of the choices we made. Not enough of us realize this and make a commitment to change. It is not an easy task, but we don’t have a future if we don’t try—thus I “hope” every day.

Many of us feel that we are powerless and whatever we do will not change the world. The truth is that we will change our world only by each of us committing to contribute. You are important and what you do matters. You and I can change the world.

I hope that I am making a positive change. I hope that all of you will commit to do what you can to contribute. You do not have to take a giant leap or make the biggest change. All you need is to commit and take small steps forward every day. If many of us are committed to do this, change will happen. It doesn’t matter if someone else is doing it or that you compare yourself with others. You are only responsible for your commitment to make a positive difference. I hope all the people in the world would be kind to themselves and to others.

Thank you very much for reading my weekly blogs. I am going to take a sabbatical until fall. I am going to travel around the world to recharge my spirit. Please read my blog 1 through 18 until I come back! Have a wonderful summer.