Journey 17: Learning To Ground Yourself

Journey 17: Learning To Ground Yourself

When people ask me what practice is important for spiritual growth, I will not hesitate to answer that it is grounding. Many spiritual seekers don’t realize that you can have all the realizations and awakenings, but you cannot embody those messages and make it useful, unless you are grounded. If your thought patterns and your body are disconnected, they don’t function well together. We didn’t come to earth so we can leave this body and spend most of our time in our head or thoughts. We came here to learn our lessons and experience life through living in our body. I am going to introduce you to meditation to help you ground yourself. When you learn to ground yourself, you can create your dreams into reality. You can listen to this meditation on my website under Healing Lounge or my YouTube channel under audio blog series.

Guided Meditation 3 by Ariyana ~a star child~

(You might want to set the alarm for ten minutes or any length of time you wish to meditate.)

Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths in and out. Throughout the mediation remember to breathe in and out consciously. Your breath is the key to staying in the present moment.

Imagine yourself as a big oak tree on a large green field. You are standing in this field very confident, secure and peaceful. Take a deep breath in and out and feel yourself as this big oak tree. Your legs are becoming tree roots; your entire body is the tree trunk, and your arms and fingers are reaching upward as branches of this tree. You are a very tall and big tree, nothing seems to bother you.

On your next inhale, feel the bottom of your feet touching the ground. On your next exhale, imagine that several big tree roots are growing and reaching deep inside the earth. Tree roots represent your past. One of your roots is your connection to your family and ancestors. Breathe in through your nose to your heart and breathe out into your roots growing deep into the earth as you feel the connection to your family and your ancestors. Another root is lessons you have learned already in this life. Take a deep breath in from your nose to your heart, and then breathe out from your heart into this root acknowledging your effort. Another root is your accomplishments in this life. Take another deep breath in and out into this root being proud of your hard work and what you have done already. Take a few deep breaths in and out and feel your roots deeply and securely grounded into the earth.

Now put your attention to your body. Your body is the trunk of this big tree, and you feel steady and solid because your roots are supporting you fully. The tree trunk represents your present. Breathe in and out a few more times and feel your connection with the roots all the way to the top of your head. Feel your connection from your past to the present. Imagine yourself receiving support and energy from the roots throughout your entire body. Take a few deep breaths in and out.

Now you are ready to open your arms. Your arms are becoming the branches of this big tree, and they represent the future. On your next inhale, all the energy is gathering at your heart. On your next exhale; energy leaves your heart to your arms to the tips of your fingers. Imagine your arms reaching outward and turning into many solid branches full of green leaves. Take a few breaths in and out. Feel the warm sunlight shining on your leaves that turn into the energy of light. On your next inhale, send the light energy from the leaves back to the trunk of the tree. On your next exhale, send the light energy through the trunk of your tree all the way to the roots. Take a few breaths in and out.

Take a breath in and feel this energy of light coming into your body from the top of the tree all the way down to the roots. Take a deep breath out and feel the energy going up from the roots, through the trunk, all the way to the top of this oak tree. Take a few more deep breaths and feel the energy going up and down through your body. You are fully supported by deep roots to your solid trunk, enabling your branches to go outwards in all directions. You are this big strong tree, and you can face any difficulty.

Now let go of conscious breaths and breathe normally. When you are ready, open your eyes and come back to your body.