Journey 15: A Guardian Angel Is Watching Over You

Journey 15: A Guardian Angel Is Watching Over You

“Life is full of moments that only you and your Angels share. “   – Author unknown

When your soul decides to come to earth, one or two guardian angels are assigned to you.  Your guardian angel will escort you to come to earth with you and stay with you the entire life.  When you are ready to leave the earth, your guardian angel will take you back to where you came.  They are literary “guarding” you while your soul experiences being in a human body.  Guardian angels are not allowed to interfere directly with your life; however, they are always with you and loving you unconditionally.

During your lifetime, your guardian angel will try to contact you twice when you are young.  They usually show up in your dream to introduce themselves.  If you are lucky enough, you get to meet him or her and be able to communicate with your angel your entire lifetime.  My friend, Kyle Matthews met his guardian angel when he was 14 years old.  One night, he was running away from someone in a dream, and at one point, he decided to confront the person who was after him.  He asked, “Who are you?” gathering all the courage he had. Then this female responded by saying, “I am your guardian angel.”  Since then, he could see and communicate with his guardian angel.  Many guardian angels had past lives as being human, and they understand you and support you more than anyone else in your life.

While guardian angels were not allowed to change your paths on earth, they sure try to help you in whatever way they can.  All guardian angels are loving, caring and kind.  Sometimes they would come into your dreams as your grandmother or someone who passed away and bring you messages.  It is also not uncommon that people see their guardian angels when you are in danger, and they will safely protect you.  I understand that it is hard to imagine that something like this is possible or true.  But I, myself, have met my guardian angel and Kyle’s angel often has conversations with him to give me advice on my life.

While your guardian angels stay with you closely for all of your life, you have other help from other dimensions.  You also get to have teachers and guides who come to teach you certain lessons during a certain times of your life.  Most teachers and guides teach only one lesson to everyone so they would come to you and stay with you while you learn your lesson.  Then they would leave and go to someone else who needs to learn the same lesson they teach.  When you finish your previous lesson, then other teacher and guide will show up to work with you on you next lesson.

We, humans, often feel lonely and sad that no one can understand us.  But in reality, we are never alone.  You, too have a guardian angel or two always staying with you, watching over you, and loving you.  Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths and center yourself.  Let yourself feel the presence of your guardian angels, and you can thank them for their love and grace.