Journey 14: Forever Love

Journey 14: Forever Love

Earth is a soul’s learning playground. We are here to learn lessons. Before we come to earth, we make contracts with certain members of your soul family to take part in your life on earth to help you learn your lessons. It could be some members of your soul family might agree to be your father or son or sister. Or they could be your best friend at school or best teacher you will ever have. Some of your soul family could sign up to be a bully at school or even hit and kill you as a taxi driver.

Whatever the circumstances are, you and your soul member have made an agreement to teach your lesson this way. Not all members of your soul family would come to earth with you at a certain lifetime. You might have heard the term “soul mates” before. All members of your soul family are considered to be your soul mates.

The more you come to earth, the more you gain your soul mates. You normally add one to two new soul mates to your soul family during one lifetime on earth. So for older souls, it is not surprising to have 30 soul mates who have agreed to work with you in your life now. For a newer soul, you may have 5 soul mates with you in this lifetime. Older souls are not better than newer souls because we are all in different evolutions of the soul. It is same as babies are not better or worse than adults or seniors. We all go through stages of evolutions. You will feel the connection to your soul mates when you meet this person. You can see why it is rare that you get to have soul mates as your romantic partner. If you happen to be this lucky, enjoy it and cherish this connection.

Even more rare is having your twin flames as your partner. Twin flames are soul mates who had spent at least one entire lifetime happily together as partners, and they want to do it again. For most people, you are lucky to have twin flames in your lifetime to even pass by as someone you know every five lifetimes. Even if you are a very old soul, it is extremely rare to meet your twin flames as your romantic partner. When you meet your twin flames, you have such an unmistakably deep and special connection that you cannot miss. Your whole beings will shake in joy, and you have no doubts that you knew this person from the past.

Only one other occasion is more rare than having twin flames as your partner, but to have “twin soul” to be in your life or to have him/her as your partner. When you first come to Earth, the soul separates into two bodies—one female and one male. This way a soul can maximize its experiences on earth. Most likely you won’t meet your twin soul on your first lifetime as soul wants to experience different lives and experiences in different parts of the world. After that it is almost impossible to meet your twin soul on the earth because your twin soul might not be on earth at the same time as you are, or even if they are, your ages could be very different or you could be living in a very different regions.

The love you have among your soul family is something similar to mother to child, unconditional love, but even deeper. You have been connected and helping each other again and again throughout your soul’s evolution. You will do anything for this soul family even it means causing great pain for the sake of soul’s growth. But if you look at this from human’s point of view, you realize that you are more connected and loved than you can ever imagine. Soul connection and love among soul family are eternal. You are not alone, and you are being watched and taken care of even though you don’t know and feel this. Just surrender to this mystery of life and know you are in a circle of Forever love.