Journey 12: Life is a Lesson

Journey 12: Life is a Lesson

Most humans come to earth to learn seven lessons.  I say most because if you are an old soul and you have learned all of you lessons, your last incarnation might have less than seven lessons, but this is extremely rare.  During your lifetime, you are learning and finishing one lesson at a time.  If you only finish two lessons, then on your next life time, you need to come back with five from this lifetime and two new lessons from next lifetime.  If you finish all seven lessons, you will have fresh new seven lessons in your next lifetime.  The law is that you have no choice but to face the lesson your soul has chosen sooner or later— even if it takes several lifetimes.  I suggest that you get working on your life lessons now instead of deferring to next because you might not be as lucky as you are.  You could well be struggling to have food or shelter or education in next life.

I have read a quote by a wise person who said, “School teaches you a lesson and gives you a test.  Life gives you a test, and you learn the lesson”.  We do not exactly know what lessons we had signed up for before we came to earth.  Some lessons can be learned through ease and joy.  However, we have to learn many lessons through difficulty and struggle.  It is sometimes discouraging that you feel that your life is unreasonably difficult, or you cannot seem to see the sunshine beyond your current problems.  I also find that life is often unfair that your hard work doesn’t necessarily bear fruit.  But if you look at this from your soul’s perspective, you are exactly where you should be because you are learning your lessons.  For a soul, it doesn’t have preferences over easy vs. difficult, happy vs. unhappy, grateful vs. ungrateful because it wants to experience all and one is not better or worse than the other.  It just is.

So everything we do in life is towards our goal of learning our lessons, which ultimately makes us whole.  What we can do is to be conscious of what we are doing– knowing our soul is learning lessons through our experiences.  It is hard for us to see bad things happen to good people and people who do not have good intentions getting away with their mischiefs.  But do not judge because all of us going through all kinds of different scenarios again and again as we come back to earth as humans on different incarnations.  It might be a relief for some to know that for some lifetimes, we are the exact opposite of where we stand— races, countries, genders, occupations, wealth, political views, and physical shapes.  By knowing this, how can you be so harsh and cruel to people who are different?  Do not hang on to your ideas or opinions or ideology as one and only.  Because if your situations are different, you would feel and act in different ways.  I assure you that you would experience both sides of extremes in one lifetime or another.  This is the whole purpose of our soul learning through experiences on earth.

For a human mind, it may seem like life is nothing but overcoming the obstacles one after another.  Because we cannot see the big picture—we humans, are not supposed to know all the answers or what our lessons are.  When you come to terms with this concept, you deeply realize the meaning of letting go and having faith.  Just know, everything you do every minute of your life on earth is being watched and taken accounted for.  Do not ever think that you are wasting your life, time or energy.  Your struggle, your effort, your kindness, and your sorrow are not unnoticed by your soul, and it appreciates all you do.  Keep moving forward may that be you are taking baby steps or taking a giant leap.  You are doing exactly what you came here for.