Journey 5: Forgiveness is the Key to More Space in Your Heart

Journey 5: Forgiveness is the Key to More Space in Your Heart

Many of us are stuck in the past. We regret daily what we have done wrong or what we haven’t done. We feel guilty and cannot move forward from what had happened in the past. We are humans, and we are supposed to make mistakes. We cannot change the past, so it is time for us to forgive and let go of the past. I am not saying that what you have done was right or wrong or justified. All I am saying is that you are missing the ever present “now” by being stuck in the past, and it is time for us to change.

Let’s do an exercise. Get a pen and paper and sit down where you have ten quiet minutes alone to yourself. Take a deep breath in and out a few times and center yourself. Write down five things you regret doing or not doing. Say out loud “I have done the best I could at that time and I forgive myself,” and repeat it again and again until you feel you could forgive yourself.

Read the first regret on your list. Tell yourself that you forgive yourself for what you have done and come up with a different solution to what you would do as if you could change the past. Close your eyes and let yourself imagine that your past is changing, and you are doing what you would have wanted. Do the same for the rest of regrets you have written. This exercise will give you the energy of healing to yourself and also open the door to your heart.

When you are trying to make a positive change, you must always start with yourself. You cannot truly forgive others until you forgive yourself. For some people, it will take a long time to embrace the power of forgiveness. It is ok. Please be kind to yourself. It will take time to forgive, let go and heal because you have been holding pains in your heart for so long. But if you continue to forgive yourself, time will come that you are content with all that had happened in the past.

When you start your journey to forgiveness, you can also give permission that you forgive others for all they have done to you. You don’t have to wait until you are completely content with your past. You will know when you are ready to start forgiving others. Tell yourself out loud, “I forgive you (name the person who did the damage to you) for what you have done because you didn’t know any better that time.” You are doing the forgiveness for others not only for them, but for yourself and the whole humanity.

When you feel ready, tell the person that you are holding grudges against “I forgave you for what you have done.” If you have done something wrong to someone, reach out and tell them “I am sorry for what I have done.” You can do this in person, by calling or writing to them. If it is not appropriate or possible to do this in person, then say it out loud and let the universe hear you.

You opening your heart will affect everyone around you. With your forgiveness, your heart has more space, and more love can flow. If many of us are committed to forgiving ourselves and others, the whole energy of the earth is going to change.