Ariyana’s Journey to Wholeness

Ariyana’s Journey to Wholeness

“Journey 1: Learning to love yourself wherever you are at this moment”.

People look for love everywhere else but where they should be looking— themselves. They look for love and acceptance from their parents, lovers, and friends. And you know what, you won’t always get the love you are looking for no matter how hard you try. Because they are not capable of loving you exactly the way you want it—because it is not their job! The biggest secret is that you can love you exactly the way you want it, and you can do that NOW. Sit down in front of the mirror and look at yourself. You are where you are right now because this is the life you have created so far.

First step to loving yourself is to see clearly where you are and accept who you are right this moment. Some of you are very happy and proud of where you are, some not so. It is ok. Wherever you are right now is exactly where you stand right now and where you are going to start this journey to wholeness. Do not judge, and do not compare yourself with others. Look your eyes in the mirror and see yourself who you really are.

Second step to loving yourself is to give permission to yourself that you are lovable, loving, and loved. Do not listen to your ego that says “are you kidding, nobody loves you because you are not lovable!” That is simply not true. We are made of love, and our essence is nothing but love— we just forgot it. Tell yourself, “I love you, you are enough, and I will protect you” in the mirror. Tell yourself repeatedly if necessary until you mean it, and you understand it deeply.

Third step to loving yourself is to be responsible for your actions. Past is gone, and it is not here. We only have a present moment, and you can create whatever you want in the future. You are the only person who is responsible for your wellbeing and loving you. You have the power to do this. So commit today to love yourself and take care of yourself. Because you are lovable, loving, and loved.