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All About Ariyana

Ariyana is a consultant, multi-dimensional channel, author, healer and philanthropist. As a successful businesswoman, she left her position as president of a multimillion-dollar company to pursue her life’s purpose. Through “Light Languages,” Ariyana transmits messages from her multi-dimensional Star Family to bring information, technology, and wisdom to uplift the capacity of humans to live from their hearts.  Her purpose is to ‘Speak Universal Truth,’ ‘Heal the Earth,’ and ‘Help raise people’s consciousness and vibration.’  Ariyana travels the world to implement these energetic upgrades and gives seminars, presentations, and consultations.

Want to get to know more about Ariyana? Read her life story in her book “Light Atonement.”

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What Ariyana Supporters around the world are saying

I am a seeker of enlightenment and now know I need not go it alone — LIGHT ATONEMENT by Aryiana, A Star Child guides inner journeys by example and gentle direction. Ariyana’s epic voyage to become a channeler and healer includes thoughtful questions that will lead readers to insightful answers, and open doors to higher levels of consciousness. This is a book not to be missed and not easily forgotten.

Meryl M, Westport, CT
Testimonial On Light Atonement

Ariyana performed a miracle and saved my life. I was suffering from unknown high fever from infection after my heart surgery and my doctors had given up on me and asked me to have my parents come to say good bye. That is when Ariyana sent me a healing and my fever broke right away. Doctors couldn’t understand what had happened. When I left the hospital, doctors told me that heart wouldn’t heal itself so it is always going to be working at the 22% capacity for the rest of my life. At my six months check-up, my doctor couldn’t believe that my heart was at 35% capacity. I just went back to a year and half check-up, and my heart now is at 65% capacity and doesn’t need any more support from the machine they had put in! Thank you, Ariyana. My life wouldn’t have been the same without you.

Parker M, Los Angeles, CA
Testimonial on healing

Ariyana’s healing session is life transforming. I was able to feel the powerful vibration coming out of the light language. Things that you didn’t even know where inside you would come up and heal. She has such a loving energy emanating from her that in her session I felt elevated and protected while healing pain both physical and emotional.

Denisse P, Mexico City, Mexico
Testimonial On Healing

I have been seeing Ariyana for private consultations for over a year. Her sessions are always very accurate, compassionate and informative. She has helped me to make important decisions and thus helped grow my business tremendously. One of her strengths being that her star family can accurately describe people whom they have never seen in the past. For example, when I asked Ariyana to choose a candidate for my company’s key position, she has described two candidate in details and told me to hire one. That person turned out to be the right fit, and he has made a huge difference in making my company move to the next level. Ariyana is easy to work with, professional, honest and kind. She has become a good friend to me. I highly recommend Ariyana!

Joseph W, Kansas City, Mo
Testimonial on consulting

Ariyana has an amazing power not only choosing the best crystal for you but also programing them in a way that you can definitely feel its how powerful they are. I personally take my quartz everywhere I go, traveling or home I feel protected.

Denisse P, Mexico City, Mexico
Testimonial On Crystals

Consulting Services

By Ariyana ~ a star child ~
 Ariyana is now accepting new clients for consultation. She can be available for individuals, groups and corporations to help bring the solutions to improve and restore earth and humanity. She is also accepting requests for appearances for conferences and forums. 

Ariyana Is Accepting New Clients





Ariyana’s Star Family

Ariyana’s star family has come from seventh dimensions to share their talents, knowledge and technology for the betterment of humanity and Earth. They are here to help, assist and guide us. They speak through Ariyana using their languages—“Light Language”. Their specific roles and wishes are detailed in her book “Light Atonement”.


A time traveler who is here to work with Ariyana to implement changes on this planet.
Lannesh is a time traveler who is here to work with Ariyana to implement changes on this planet. He has two bodies—one in the past, and one in the future so he can adjust the changes he makes in the past and future simultaneously.

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Ariyana’s future self and a soul doctor
Novysha is Ariyana’s future self and, she is a soul doctor. She focuses on people’s physiology and brings healing to the body. She works with the energy of the light to brighten the dark spots on this planet.

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Ariyana’s twin sister in the seventh dimension
Kyrah is Ariyana’s twin sister in the seventh dimension and she has the ability to clear people’s karma, program crystals, and could communicate with, or alter, almost any mineral on Earth. She can heal people’s emotions and brings the element of love and hope to the world.

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Father & A Leader Of The Seventh Dimension
Prishnah is Ariyana’s father and a leader of the seventh dimension and he has the ultimate knowledge that can help this world to overcome obstacles. He can also heal people’s thought patterns.

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The latest products by Ariyana

Raw Clear Quartz

Raw natural clear quartz crystal from Arkansas, USA

Raw Clear Quartz


Double Terminated Clear Quartz

Natural clear quartz crystal double terminate points from China

Rose Quartz Heart

Natural rose quartz crystal hearts from Brazil

Rose Quartz Heart


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